UgandaMuslimEconomic Development and Dawah Network

Through Allah we believe to reduce poverty promote and sustain dawah  


OUR organization where we strive to support communities live better life. We support Muslim families,schools,groups and non- Muslims our goal is to publicize the good image of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and Islamic teachings.

We invite our brothers and sisters and those who embrace, have empathy to help  those in need.We welcome any kind of support that does not affect Islamic teachings and we link our friends to the people we serve.

Our organization has already allocated various children,women groups with no hope for better life. People who have lived life with no hope to eat tomorrow,a life without mattresses or beddings,children who move bear footed miles to school,some with wounds in the foot due to knocking the feets stones as rush to school all year round without hope to have shoes and lunch at school.

we have got in touch with schools,basic learning centres in the worst state (poor infrastructure) that really live in abject poverty and need to be supported to live better life.

We kindly beg you feel you have anyway to support just look in the sky,say GOD allow me and bless my giving to those in million who lean to YOU everyday for help. GOD thank you for putting me in the few who feel there call to you and l try to give in the little l can afford. GOD HELP ME ACCEPT MY DONATION

Address: Programs coordinator
               P.O.BOX 22813,Kampala,Uganda